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Today is the exact middle day of 2020. It is a year, or at least the situations that were thrown at us, that no one could have planned for, none of us expected, and none of us wanted. But it’s here, it’s been half a year, get used to it! The most important factor of today is that we’re alive. So let's start with that.

Unless one of your New Year's Resolution was to survive a pandemic, most of us are dealing with some shit we didn't foresee. However what we do have is the second half of this year to make something positive happen. We've now seen what Coronavirus can do, we understand our situation, so now is the time to assess and find a way to thrive regardless of the fact that life has thrown the world a curveball. But as my high school baseball coach Mr. Wick would always say, “you’re allowed to take the pitch to the opposite field and get a hit.” Great hitters routinely hit curveballs out of the park, so the concept of the curveball shouldn’t scare us. Today is a perfect day to break out your old resolutions and see if we can take that shit to the opposite field. They say that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. So we have to be flexible enough to adjust to what’s thrown our way. That’s what today’s about. It’s halftime in 2020, we’ve hit the lockers, and we’re going to draw up a couple new plays.

Let’s look at some of the positives. It wasn't your half-ass will-power that didn't get you to the gym like you said you were going to in your New Year’s Resolutions, it was Covid-19. I’m sure you were cutting back on eating the crappy food and drinking less before this damn coronavirus came to town. So at least you have that as an excuse. You have a lot of excuses for the shit that didn't get done, not getting done. But no more. If you are sheltered in place, you have the time to do all the stuff you said you wanted to do when you had to go to work every day, all day. Like write your book, read that book, finish that script, or whatever it is. We've all done the “I'm depressed by coronavirus” bit, so it's time to shake that shit off and figure some things out.

If you are reading this that means that you are probably my friend, or a friend of a friend. My friends are talented, amazing, awesome, creative, resourceful people who find ways to succeed. The second half of 2020 begins today, and my peeps don't fucking quit. My peeps take a pandemic head on and don't let it stop them. We may have to take a round-about way, but we’re gonna get there. This is not the first time in human existence that people have had to deal with unexpected adversity, and it won't be the last. People have dealt with war, famine, genocide, great depressions, holocausts. Stuff that could make what we're going through seem tame. People have lived through their cities being bombed day after day, their countries being occupied for years, and their families relocated to internment camps. So I think we can survive wearing a mask.

So let’s start writing our second half of 2020 success stories. Ask yourself if this pandemic has revealed anything positive in your character and in your spirit. Today we're going to accentuate the positive and potential in our lives. We're not going to worry about all the negative forces that are surrounding us, we're going to acknowledge them and we're going to decide to succeed despite them. I know to some of you it may sound like a crazy concept to decide to thrive during a pandemic, but humor me and try it anyway. What does the other side of this craziness look like if you have chosen and decided to thrive? Since we’re hunkered down, are you taking this the time to get a deeper relationship with your spiritual side and your savior? What good is faith if you’re afraid to ever have it tested? Are you taking the time to eat better and exercise? Are you taking the time to reconnect with your children and loved ones? There are opportunities that being home can afford you that you didn't have when you were at the office all the time. I don't know what the answer is for you personally, but I do know that while we’re alive there's an opportunity, every day, to do something amazing and something beautiful. That doesn't change during a pandemic.

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