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‘6 Feet Means 6 Feet’! Just like ‘No Means No’. Social distancing. Physical distancing. Call it whatever works for you politically. But this isn’t about semantics. I saw an interview today with a woman driving away from a Mega-church after she left a packed service telling the interviewer that she’s not worried about Coronavirus because she’s “Covered in the blood of Jesus”. Jesus Christ. Really?! But I’m sure she has a gun to protect her from intruders. After Jesus ascended, science now gets to have a say. If you want to believe the Flat-Earthers, then you won’t be able to enjoy NASCAR, NBA, NFL, MLB, PBA, PGA, SEC Network, ACC Network, PAC 10 Network, ESPN, FOX Sports 1-10, BIG 10 Network, ALL TELEVISION, because that’s based on scientists throwing satellites into the sky that use science to stay in orbit. SCIENCE! Scientists, believing in a round earth. Like Jesus turned water into wine, I wish I had a buddy that could turn water into Coors Light. Most people can’t tell the difference already! And on a sad note, I’m out of Coors Light. My favorite beer is Mike Hess Brewery Claritas Kölsch, and Grolsch out of the Netherlands. So drop some by if this post moves you. Jesus wanted people to be able to bridge the wondrous systems he put in place with the brilliance of the human mind. That’s why Adam wasn’t born with a gun in his hand. Humans had to figure out the components. If you are a gun lover, you must be a science lover! And if you are a vegetarian, you must be a gun lover. Ok, I lost my point. But some vegetarians have guns. This is America.

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