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Trump and his stormtroopers do not give a fuck! I hope the tear-gassing of these peaceful white women in the Pacific Northwest is a wake-up call to a lot of folks. The moral of the story being; if they will gas a pregnant woman, they’ll gas you. And you need to put away this idea that you’re sure you’ll never do anything that would put you in a situation to have to be gassed. I hope you’re right. But what if say a couple kids at your children’s school die and you want to go out and peacefully protest them not having to be sent back into that school. Can you see yourself in a situation that “riot police” may need to be called in? I can.

And look at the visual. You have grown men in full riot gear pushing back women in bike helmets and yoga pants. Man, that’s chivalry. Or cowardice, I forget which. There are no identifying names or affiliations on the police uniforms, so they have autonomy the women don’t. These guys probably don’t put a photo up on their Tinder profiles either. And so we are 100% clear, I understand and appreciate the gesture. There was also a belief there that Trump’s henchmen wouldn't dare try to cross a line of suburban white moms trying to protect protesters. But oh contraire. As I said earlier, Trump doesn’t give 2 shits about whatever privilege you think you have. Because his white maleness literally and figuratively Trumps yours. And since you women were brave enough to at least have some of your faces exposed, they can now do facial recognition to try to arrest you. There's going to be a lot of APB's put out for women named Lulu Lemon.

But I salute you ladies. There’s no more need for you moms to stand between protesters and Trump’s Goons. Your work now is to call your conservative relatives in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and have uncomfortable conversations with them about why they have to vote Biden in November. I get linking arms and going up against Trump’s racist Army takes bravery, but calling your mom in Wisconsin and talking to her about voting democratic takes true courage.

And to all you that are down with “sweeping the streets”, know that it will come back on you. I know that authoritarian strain is very attractive to the privileged because they think that what's going to happen is the forces of good, or at least the forces that have helped them become privileged, are going to come in, sweep everybody off the streets, and things will go back to “normal”. But the people asking for Civil Justice are not just going to remain quiet. Not now, not after George Floyd. So when protesters are out there asking for something, it's no longer okay for them to be swept under the rug. Their demands are not to be set aside for another day. That American desire to not handle things head-on but eventually will bite you in the ass. It will eventually be your wife or mother getting beaten back with batons. It will be your Navy Vet grandfather being beaten by someone who never served their country and pepper sprayed at point blank range. It will be you!

Trump's authoritarian thugs will turn on you. If they will knock down a 75 year old man and keep walking, they’ll have no problem knocking you down. If they will pepper spray a pregnant woman, they’ll pepper spray you. These protesters need to be listened to and not just silenced, because I promise you that there will be something you will want to stand up for and won’t want to be silenced. No one is condoning the graffiti, or the looting, or anything like that. But I propose that a way to “restore the peace” could be by bestowing some rights, opportunities, and equalities. Why don’t we try that and see what happens. Because we’ve seen countless examples of what happens if we continue to travel down the terrible authoritarian road Trump is leading us down.

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