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If you believe that Americans are not rushing back into the workforce, during a pandemic, because they're simply lazy and can make more off of unemployment then working, then you are an idiot! And you seem to have some sort of deep-seated belief that everyone is a “taker” and it's your job to spur them to get up off their ass. And I'm sure you do not want to discuss the greater societal question of why people could possibly make more money on unemployment than they can on the job in the richest country in the world? I'm certain all the employers you know and have worked for are just so generous that they are hell-bent to make sure their employees have a livable wage. Hasn’t that been everyone’s experience? Oh, and I'm sure you probably don't want to raise the minimum wage because you believe that would be some sort of disincentive for businesses to hire more people because it would lower their profit margins. I get a company making all the money they can at the expense of the little guy. Why should the richest companies in the history of mankind pay their workers better? This is America and we’re capitalists before anything! Pray to whatever God you want in your freetime, but talk some shit about the free market system and we’ll have ourselves a problem. Yes Jesus loves those predatory lending practices and me, for the bible tells me so.

At some point America is going to have to develop a strain of compassion that is an overarching consideration in our national policies. It’s not begrudgingly lending your brother-in-law a couple grand knowing he’ll never pay you back and you being pissed the whole time about it. I’m talking about the willing compassion of working 2 jobs to send your child to a good school because you want a better life for them. If American’s compassion for their fellow Americans were more like the latter, we’d have a chance.

The compassion I’m talking about can’t be cloaked in the desire to spend more money on the military to protect ourselves from the world because the world believes we’re assholes. I’m talking about policies that help poor and working people. $600 a week means that if you worked 40 hours per week you'd be making $15 per hour. That’s a wage a lot of people are pushing to be the National minimum wage. Here's a shocker. Others only want to pay $200 a week. 40 hours at that wage means that you’d only be making $5 per hour. It’s shameful that that’s what people believe will help their fellow citizens. I’m tired of people bitching about handouts. I’m tired of people whining about those with no resources not being able to pull themselves up by invisible bootstraps. I want to be part of a compassionate electorate. A population that understands that unforeseen forces happen in life and the government’s job is to be there to help and protect us. Not just say how big our military is. I don’t care how many bombers we have on aircraft carriers around the world if my neighbor can’t pay their mortgage or my friends can’t pay their rent. In life we will all need a couple helping hands up. Let’s stop flexing our muscles and start showing off our heart.

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