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The cheating is now just so out in the open and blatant that it can’t be denied. They’re trying to “actively kneecap” as Obama says the United States Postal Service. The same organization that makes sure the birthday card your grandma sends with a check for $34 dollars in it gets to you on time. Now they’re straight stealing mailboxes and removing and destroying sorting machines. They’ll be slashing the tires on the trucks next. It’s just so obvious that they know they can’t win a fair fight so they have to cheat. What type of country do my friends on the right want to live in? Are you signed off on this? Well you support a President who paid someone to take their SAT’s, so what do you expect.

I don't know about you, but I love my postal carrier. He is a little Filipino cat in his late 50s who always has a smile. I can actually hear his truck coming up the street as their trucks have a very unique sound, and I run out to get the mail right when he delivers it. And he is just one of the badass servants who make sure my bills go out on time. Yes I mail my bills. I'm old school and I don't do anything on the computer and I still write and mail out payments. So he makes sure my Dodgers Logo checks go out, and makes sure my residual checks for $0.17 get to me. And his employer is under attack for political purposes.

I remember loving to mail myself a postcard while on vacation to both see how long it took to get to me back home, and to check out the cancelation code from the sent location. My favorite was when I mailed one from Grand Cayman Island. I still have the oversized card that I sent to myself from “Hell”.

600,000 people work for the USPS, many of them Veterans. Millions of people, especially the elderly, get their medications and medical supplies via the mail. So slowing down postal speed is literally messing with people’s lives. Slowing down the mail negatively affects the small business we love so much because they can’t get their goods and services to the people who order them in a timely fashion. So trying to win an election by making sure vote by mail is impossible and slowing down the system, fucks up everything. It’s like cutting off your body’s blood flow and wondering why your feet are swollen. And Larry Kudlow calls funding the organization that helps keep our elderly population healthy a “liberal left wish list”. I guess wanting Pop-Pop to get his meds is a liberal scam. But crippling the post office hurts rural and Red State America just as much, if not more, as it hurts Blue State America. But Trump truly doesn’t care about either or care about maintaining our democracy. He cares about holding onto power.

It’s called The United States Postal Service. SERVICE. It’s not called The United States Postal Business. So don’t tell me that what’s going on is simply a cost cutting measure. We ALL know what's happening. And a lot of people are fine with it. But I know that when I see my Filipino mail carrier on Monday, I’m going to let him know how much I appreciate what he does. And I’m going to ask him his name.

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