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BREAKING NEWS: The Deep State is not an undercover shadow government trying to get rid of Donald Trump. You’re confusing that with the people OUT IN THE LIGHT trying to get rid of Donald Trump. It's not whispers in the hall, it's bullhorns in the amphitheater. We want you out because we think you are doing a shitty job, we think you are ill-equipped for this Presidency and for the office, and we want to replace you with someone competent. We tried to impeach you right out in the open. Weren’t shy about it. Walked the articles of impeachment over to the Senate all slow and shit so the cameras could catch it. It was like the world’s worst parade ever. The Democratic Representatives didn’t even throw candy out to people. The Women’s March, the day after your inauguration where millions protested, was the largest single-day protest in the history of the United States. You couldn’t have missed it. There were Pink-Pussy-Hats as far as the eye could see. They wanted you out then, and now after this COVID-19 fiasco, we all want you out more than ever. No backroom dealings. This is front of house Democracy. You have failed this country and we are saying it out loud. It is not The Deep State, it’s The Opposition. When Mitch McConnell said that his top priority was to ensure that President Barack Obama serves only one term, that was The Opposition to that President talking. Not the Deep State.

BREAKING NEWS II: DONALD TUMP IS THE DEEP STATE. There’s really no need to create Fake News on Trump because he’s doing all his misdeeds out in the open. People were just too shocked to believe he was serious at first and thought in must be fake. Trump picked up on that and Fake News about shit we all know is real was born. He does that, he throws shit against the wall and sees what sticks. But he is serious and doesn’t care about lying openly. His supporters just weigh his constant lying against what they’re getting in terms of judges who will end abortion, policies that will keep out Mexicans, decisions that will boost the economy, and let it slide. And believe me, with the court appointments Trump is putting into place, the rulings he’s losing now, he will definitely win in his second term. But if there ever are rumblings, he can call it Fake News and the work of the Deep State. There’s your Deep State connection. It’s really that simple. It’s so obvious. And you Trump, the beneficiary of all the Deep State activities, make your followers believe that you are actually the victim. It’s brilliant. I’m the President, but I’m being treated worse than a President who got shot in the head. Feel sorry for me. I had the greatest economy in the history of the world before that meanie Coronavirus came through and messed everything up. I’m going to go to my room and hate tweet things about scientists who won’t let me play with my Legos. Man you’re good.

It has been said of him that when he’s on the attack, he’s either projecting or confessing. It’s pretty easy to recognize. He just accuses someone else of doing what he’s doing first, like saying they’re a sexual harasser, so that when they respond they look reactionary. Or he calls the media corrupt, when in fact he’s the one that’s clearly corrupt. A corrupt person wouldn’t dare call out corruption, they’d be hypocritical. You’re usually right. But Trump and his core supporters don’t care. Because they believe they are benefiting from it. It’s like being a New England Patriots fan. They are incredibly well coached, and they cheat. Both things can be true. Their fans don’t care about Deflategate because they were winning. But if they start losing and are labeled as cheaters, that’s a double-whammy, and that’s a bridge too far for people. Sore losers are assholes. Sore winners get endorsement deals.

So whenever Trump talks about the Deep State, it's pretty much a confession that he is the head of both the legit government and the shadow government populated by minions such as his corrupt political appointees, folks who try to out whistle-blowers, Rudy Giuliani traveling to Ukraine to dig up dirt, Kushner’s back channel Russian hotline and his meetings with Putin where the transcripts are destroyed. Come on! Trump’s Deep State actually does whisper in the back rooms to keep testing unavailable and reopening guidelines vague. That way the numbers can’t spike too much and he can’t be blamed for any reopening-too-soon problems. Trump’s Deep State has also sold their souls to make sure that the economy gets back up and running as soon as possible. Mounting death numbers be damned. A robust economy is the only thing he could possibly get re-elected on. People have it completely backwards. Donald Trump, you are the Deep State! You lost the popular vote by 3 million and yet you sit in the White House. And in this day and age the Electoral College is a Deep State asset. Has it ever favored a Democrat? And you’re already planning to rig the system and shut down the Federal Postal Service because you know vote-by-mail is going to kill you. That's how the Deep State works. Well Played Sir. Well played indeed!

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